Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Yizkor Books Available for Galicia Shtetls #galicia

Shelley K. Pollero <rpollero@...>

David M. Fox, Coordinator of Belarus SIG wrote and Shelley Pollero
adapted for Galicia SIG:

The following information about the availablilty of Yizkor Books was
provided by Ellen Renck. Neither Ellen, Dave, nor I have any
financial interest with the seller of these books. I would not
normally post a commercial message, but I want to give members of the
SIG an opportunity to get Yizkor Books for their shtetls in Galicia,
or at least be aware that one might exist.

"The list below also includes books for towns not in Galicia, but I
did not have time to edit it and I thought that some of you might have
family roots in other countries. The full list is also provided
rather than just the website because many of our subscribers do not
have access to webpages and can only receive e-mail."

If anyone buys any of the Galicia YB's, perhaps you will make an
effort to start a project to get some or all of the book translated
and donate the translation to the JewishGen YB Project. Start with
the table of contents and and name indices.

Shelley Kellerman Pollero
Severna Park, MD
Coordinator, Gesher Galicia


Baranow Yizkor Buch. A Memorial to the Jewish Community. Ed. N.
Blumenthal. Jerusalem, 1964. XVI + 236 pages, photos. Hebrew &
Yiddish. $95.00

Baranowitz - Baranowicze Sefer Zikaron. Tel-Aviv, 1953. 668
p., photos, map. Large format. Hebrew & Yiddish. $110.00

Biala Podlaska Sefer. Ed. M. J. Feigenbaum. Israel, 1961. Large
format, 501 p.,photos. $100.00

Bialystok Pinkos. The Chronicle of Bialystok. Two vols. Ed. Y. Mark.
N.Y.,1949. Y. 480 & 380 p. $160

Bendin Pinkas. (Bedzin) A memorial to the Jewish Community of Bendin
(Poland) Ed. by A. S. Stein. Israel, 1959. 431 p. photos. Large
format. Hebrew & Yiddish. $115.00

Belzen (Gedenkstatte) By the survivors in the British zone now
living in Israel. Yiddish, 207p. phts. $65

Beresteczo- haita ayara = sefer zikaron le kehilat Berestzkah,
Baramlyah ve ha sviva. Ed.M. Singer, Haifa 1961. H. Y. 556 pages,
photos, drawings.

Bialystoker Memorial Book(The) N. Y. 1982. Yiddish, 396p. & 205p. In
English. Photos. Large. $100.

Bobruisk Sefer Zikaron le Kehila ve bnoteya. Ed. Y. Slutzki,
T-A,1967. Two vols. 871 p. photos. map.$125

Braslaw - Darkness & Desolation. In memory of the communities of
Braslaw, Dubene, Jaisi, Jod Kislowszczizna, Okmienic, Opsa, Plusy,
Rimszan, Slobodka, Zamosz, Zaracz. Israel & USA, 1986. H. Y. 568 p.
photos. En. 63 p. $125.00

Breisach Judengasse. Ein Lesebuch. Zum andenken der juden in
Breisach. By E. Kallfass. Breisach am Rhein, 1993. 389 p. photos.

Chmielnik Pinkas. Yiskor book in memory of the annihilated Jewish
Community. T-A, 1960. 1303 p. in Yiddish, photos. Large format.

Ciechanoviec ( Bialystok District) Memorial & Records. Ed. by E.
Leoni. T-A, 1964. 936 p. in Yiddish & Hebrew, English 79 p. and
photos. $100.00

Ciechanow Yiskor Buch .ed. A. W. Yasni. T - A , 1962.H. Y. 535 p.
photos. $125.00

Czenstochover Yidn. Ed. R. Mahler. USA. 1947. 404p.+ CXLIV p.
Yiddish, photos. Large book. $110.00

Czyzewo Sefer Zikaron.(Tyszowek)Ed. Sh. Kanc. T-A, 1961. Heb.+Yid.
1206 p. photos. Large book.$125

Dombrowa - Gornicza; Sefer Kehilat Yehudei. Ed. M. Gelbart. T-A,
1971. H. Y. 696 p. photos. $135.00

Drohichyn Funf Hundert Yor Yiddish Leben(Drohichyn) Ed. D. B.
Warshavski. Chicago, 1958. Yiddish, 424 pages . Photos. Large
format. $110.00

Drohobycz Sefer Zikaron, Boryslaw & Surroundings. Ed. N. M. Gelber.
Israel, 1959. H. 225 p. photos.$125

Dubno. A Memorial to the Jewish Community of Dubno, Wolyn. Ed. Y.
Adini. TA, 1966. 747p.,photos, Hebrew & Yiddish. Large format.

Dunaszerdahely. A Memorial to the Jewish Community(Dunajska Streda)
Ed. A. Engel. T-A, 1975. In Hebrew, 429p. Hungarian, 167 p. Photos.

Dzialoszyce Yizkor Book.(Dziatoszyce)& surroundings. T-A, 1973. Heb.
& Yid. 423p.$99.

Falenica Sefer ( Falenitz ) Ed. D. Shtockfish. T - A. 1967. H. Y.
478 p. photos. $115.00

Garwolin.A Memorial to the Jewish Community. Ed.M.Zaltman.T-A,1972.
H.& Y. 304p. Photos. Large. $110

Gline.Megilat.(Gliniayana)Ed. H. Halpern. N.Y.,1950. 307p.Yiddish.
Photos. Large format. $100.00

Grayevo Yozkor Buch. Ed. G. Garin. N.Y.1950. Y. 340 p. English, VI
p. photos. $110.00

Gritze Megilat.(Grojec) Ed. I. B. Alterman.T-A,1955. 408 p. Hebrew &
Yiddish. Photos. $90.00

Horodetz-A geschichte fun a shteitl,114201942.(Horodec) Ed.A. Ben
Ezra. N.Y.2 38p. Yiddish. photos.Large. Format. $110.00

Hosht-The Book of(In memoriam) Ed. R. Fink. T-A, 1957. Yiddish. 296
p. photos, map. $90.00

Horodenka Sefer. Ed. Sh. Meltzer. Israel & U.S.A.,1963.Large
format.425 p. H.&Y. 7 in English. photos $120

Horodok Yizkor Book ( near Byalistok) Ed. M. Simion. Israel, 1963.
H. Y. 144 p.+ errata slip. $110.

Hrubieshov Pinkas. Memorial to a Jewish Community in Poland. Ed. B.
Kaplinsky. T- A, 1962. H. Y. 811p Engl. XVIII p. Photos. $135.00

IVIE Sefer Zikaron le Kehila. (IWIE) T-A 1968. Ed. M. Kaganovich. H.
& Y. 738 p. $95.00

Jadow,the Book of- Jerusalem, 1966. Ed. A. Wolf Yassni. Yiddish, 472
p. 23 in English, photos. $95.00

Jaroslav Sefer. Gal- ed le zecher ireinu. Ed. Y. Alprovitz. Israel,
1978. H. Y. 372 p. E.28 p. photos. $110.00

Kalish,Toldot Yehudei- Ed. Israel D. Beith-Halevy. T-A 1961. Hebrew,
448 p. photos. $90.00

Kaluszyn - Kalushin Sefer. Dedicated to the destructed & annihilated
Community of Kalushin. Ed. A. Shamie, et all. T -A 1961. 545 pages,
photos, large format. H. $135.00

Kamenets - Podolskiy ve ha sviva. Ed. A. Rosen. T-A, 1965. Large
format, Hebrew,263p. photos.$110.00

Katowice Sefer Zikaron(Katowitz) Ed.Y. Krast. T-A, 1996. Large
format, Hebrew, 403p. photos, map. $125.

Kolomey Pinkas.(Kolomyja) T-A, 1957. Ed. Sh. Bickel.Yiddish, 448 p.
photos. $100.00

Kezmarok. Toldot Yehudei ve ha sviva.(Kesmark/Kezmarku)Ed.Sh.Dov
Gvariyahu-Gottesman.Jerusalem, 1992. Hebrew, 311 pages. Photos.

KOLO - finfhundert yor Yiddish Kala. Ed. M. Halter. Israel & USA,
1958. Y. H. 408 p. & photos. 30 p. Memorial Pages. Together with
Sefer Kolo, Matzevot Zikaron le Kehilah Bat Hamesh Meot Shana
shenishmeda be Shoat Yehudim be Polin. A 10 page prospectus, with
photos. $150.00

Kolozsvar Memorial Volume. Ed. M. Carmilly - Weinberg. N.Y. 1970.
English & Hungarian 312 p. Hebrew, 148p. Photos. $90.00

Korelitz - Korelicze-The life & destruction of a Jewish Community.
Two parts. Ed. M. Walzer Fass. T - A 1973. Part I - H. & Y. 359 p.
Photos. Engl. LXI pages. $110.00

Krashnik - Krasnik Yizkor Buch. Ed. D. Shtokfish. T -A 1973. H. Y.
673 p. photos, large format. $135.

Kremeniec Pinkas. A Memorial. (Krzeminiec) Ed.E.Stein. T-A,1964 H &
Y. 453 p. photos. $97.50

Kraka Sefer.(Kroke) Ir ve Am be Israel. Ed. A. Boiminger.
Jerusalem,1959.Large book, Hebrew,429p. With Photos. $125.00

Kriniki Pincas.In Memory of a Jewish Community. Ed. D. Rabin.
T-A,1970. 376p.H &$115

Kobrin-The Book of. The Scroll of Life & Destruction. ENGLISH. Transl.
by N. Avidan, et all. Spiral bound, 446 pages. Photos. Large format.

Kobryn Sefer; megilat chaim ve hurban. Ed. B. Schwartz et all. T-A,
1951. 351 p. + photos. H. $100.

Kolno Memorial Book. Ed. A. Remba. T-A,1971. H & Y, 680p. English 70 $95.00

Kotsk Sefer Zikaron. KOCK. Ed. E. Porat. Israel, 1961. H & Y. 424 p.
photos, map. $100.00

Kowel. Sefer edut ve zikaron le kehilateinu sheala aleha ha koret. Ed.
E. Leoni-Zoperfin. T-A, 1959. H. Y. 539 pages & photos. $120.00

Ladosh - Geschichte fun den Yiden in Ladosh in den yoren fun der
oisrotung. T- A, 1960. A.Wolf Yasni. Yiddish 520 pages, photos. $90.00

Ladosh Hurban. Sechs yor nazi gehenom. Israel Tabacsblat. Buenos
Aires, 1946. Yidish.$95.

Lashitz-Losice. In Memory of a Jewish Community exterminated by nazi
murderers. T-A,1963. Ed.M.Shener. H & Y. 459 pages, photos. $95.00

Latvia, Yahadut. Sefer Zikaron. Ed. B. Eliav. T-A, 1963. Hebrew. 457
pages, photos. $100.00

Lehrer-Jiskor-Buk(Teachers Memorial Book) Ed. H. Kasdan. N.Y.,1954. Y.
567 pages, photos. $90.00

Lida Sefer. Ed.A. Manor,et all. T-A,1970. H. & Y. & E. 438 pages,
photos. Large format. $110.

LITE (Lithuania) Ed. Ch. Leikowicz. T-A, 1965. TWO LARGE VOLUMES. Y.
2823 $175.00

Lomza Sefer Zikaron. Ed. Y. T. Lewinski. T-A,1952. Large format, H.
377 p. photos, illustrations. $110.00

Lomza - Lomzhe - iir oifkum un untergang. Ed. H. Sabatka. N.Y. 1957.
371 p. photos. large format. $130.

Luboml.The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl. Ed.B.Kagan.Ktav,N.Y.
English,427 p. photos.$95.00

Lukow Sefer. Geheilikt der horev-gevorener kehile. Ed. B. Heller.
T-A,1968. H& Y 652p. photos. $95.00

Lvov, Anshei. Kehila she Ne'elma. By T. Nathan. Jerusalem,1997.
Hebrew, 143p. Illustrated. $35.00

Mlawa Pinkes. Memorial Book. N.Y.,1950. Y. 483p. Of text, & 63 p. of
photos. $95.00

Melnitza- in Memory of the Jewish community. Ed. J. Lior. T-A 1994. H.
276 p.Engl. 78 p. photos. $110.

Mezritch Zamelbuch. Zum 10 ten Yarzeit. Buenos Aires,1952. Mezritcher
Landsleit Fahrein in Argentinien. Y, 638 p. Photos. $120.00

Miechov Memorial Book. Charshnitza and Kshoynge. Ed. N. Blumental et
all. T-A, 1971.H & Y, 314p. 4 p. in English. Photos. $100.00

MINSK, YIR ve AM. Ed. S. Even- Shushan. T-A,1975. TWO VOLS. H. photos.

Navaredok Pinkas. Memorial Book. Ed.E.Yerushalmi et all. T-A,1963.
H&Y,422 p. Photos. Large book.$110.

Names of Hungarian Jewish Women in the STUTTHOF concentration camp.
Introduction & dokumentation XVIX p. + photos, 679 p. list of names.

Names of the deported Jews >from HAJDU County, Hungary. Yad Vashem &
Klarsfeld Foundation. N.d. Bnei Brack. 106 p. of names. Introduction &
documentation, IX p. $100.

Olshan. Leben un Umkum fun. (Holszany) T-A, 1965. H & Y. 429p. Second
part; Chayeya ve Hurbana shel Kehilat Olshan. By M. Sheli. 136 p. in
Hebrew. $125.00

Orgeyev - Orheyev-Orchiov be beniyana ube churbana. Ed.Y.Spivak. T - A
1959.H,Y. 216 p, photos $120

Oshmana Sefer Zikaron le kehilat ( Oszmiana ) Ed. M. Gelbart. T -A
1969. H.Y. 659 p. Engl.113 p. $120

Ostroleka - Sefer Kehilat. Ed. Y. Ivri. T - A. 1963. H. Y. 579 p.
photos. Large format. $125.00

Proskurow Khurban. Zum andenken fun di heilige neshamot....N.Y.,1924.
H & Y. 111p. photos. $90.00

Pinsk-Toisend Yor. Ed. B. Hafman. N.Y.1941. Y. 500 pages, photos.
Large format. $100.00

Pinsk Sefer edut ve zikaron le kehilat Pinsk -Karlin. Ed.Z.
Rabinowitz. Israel,1977. THREE VOLUMES. Hebrew & English. Photos.
Large format. $210.00

Piotrkow Trybunalski ve ha Sviva. Ed. Y. Melz et all. Israel, 1965.
H.Y.E. 1191 p. photos. $125.

Ploiesti. Zichronot al Yehudei ir sade be Romania. By Eli Lazar.
Israel, 1977. Hebrew, 46 p. photos. $35.00

Proshnitz Yizkor Book. Ed. Sh. Bachrach. Israel, 1974. H & Y, 258p.
Engl.15 p. photos, Large book. $100.00

Podhajce Sefer. Memorial Volume. Ed. M. Sh. Gershouri. Israel, 1972. H
& Y 295p. E,$100

Pruzana, Bereza, Malch, Scherschev & Seltz Pinkas. Zeyer oifkum,
geschichte un umkum.Ed. M. V. Berenstein. Buenos Aires, 1858. Half
leather binding, as issued, Y. 972 p. photos. $220.

Pultusk Sefer Zikaron. Ed. Y. Ivri. T-A, 1971. H & Y 683 p. photos.
Large book. $95.00

Radomsko Sefer Yizkor le Kehilat. (Nowo Radomsk ) Ed. L. Losh.
T-A,1967. H. Y. 604 p. photos. $135.

Radoshkowitz. A Memorial to the Jewish Community. T-A, 1953 H. 222 p.
photos. $90.00.

Radziechow Sefer Zikaron ( Radziechowie ) le kehilot Radikhow,
Lopatyn, Witkow Nowy, .................... Ed. G. Kressel, T - A.
1976. H. Y. 656 p. photos. $135.00

Radzymin Sefer Zikaron le Kehilat. Ed. G. Hel. T-A, 1975. Encycl.shel
Galuyot. H & Y & F. Large format .$110

Rowno Sefer Zikaron. ROWNE (Wolyn) Ed. A. Avitachi. T-A,1956. H. 591p.
Photos. $95.00

Rapalovka ha Yeshana - ha Chadasha - Olizarka, Zalodzk,-&
surroundings. Eds. P. & M. Hagin. T - A. 1996. H. Y. 536 p. photos.

Ratno ( Ratne ) sipura shel kehila yehudit she hushmeda. Ed. N. Tamir.
T-A,1983. H. 331p. Photos. $120.

Rawa-Ruska (& surroundings) Memorial Book. Ed. A. M. Ringel. T-A,1973.
H.Y. 468p photos.Large.$120.

Sarni Yizkor Book le Kehilat. Ed. Y. Kariv. T - A, 1961. H. & Y. 508
p. photos. $ 80.00

Semiatych Kehila. (Siemiatycze) Ed. E. Tash. T-A 1965. H.Y.E.,449p.
Photos. Large book. $110.00.

Saloniki. Ir va - em. Israel, 1967. H. F. 358 p. + XVIII. Photos.
Large format. $110.00

Sanok - Sefer zikaron le kehilat Sanok ve ha sviva. Ed. E. Sharvit.
Israel, 1970. H. Y. 686$110.

Scarzisko - Kamineya ZACHOR. Ed. Levy Dror. T-A.1997. H. 205 p.
photos. $40.00

Shpola. Masechat chaiei Yehudim be ayara. By D. Cohen. Haifa, 1965. H.
312 p. photos. $120.

Siedliszcze - Sefer Zikaron le kehilat Siedliszcze ve ha sviva. Ed. B.
Haruvi & transl. Z.Igret. Two parts. Part I = Hebrew, 174 pages. Part
II = Yiddish, 186 $125.00

Slonim Pinkas. Ed. K. Lichtenstein. T-A, 1962- 2 Vols. Aleph = Record
& Face of a Town. Ruin of the Community- In Memoriam. Beith =. Ruin of
the Community- IN MEMORIAM. H. Y. photos. Large format. A FEW PAGES IN
German. $160.00

Slutzk & Vicinity Pinkas. Ed. N. Chinitz et all. T-A 1962. H. Y.540p.
E. XXX. Photos. Large format. $115.

Sambor-Sefer Stari - Sambor. A memorial to the Jewish Communities of
Sambor & Stari - Sambor. The Story of two Jewish Communities >from
their beginnings to their end. Ed. A. Manor. Israel, 1980. H.323 p.
Engl. 45 p. photos. $120.00

Stryj Seifer. Yizkor Book. Ed. N. Kudish. T-A. 1962. H. Y. 260 p. E.
68p. Photos. Large format. $100.00

Strzyzov Sefer ve ha Sviva. Ed. I. Berglass et all. Israel, 1969. H.
Y. 480 p. photos. Very large format. $120.

Swieciany - Svintzian Sefer Zikaron le esrim ve shlalosh kehilot she -
nehrevu be ezor. Ed. Sh. Kanc. T-A 1965. H. Y. 1954 columns + 3 p.
Photos.Large format. $135.
Szydlowiec Memorial Book. Ed. B. Kagan. N. Y. 1989. E. 349 p.
Pictures, 110 p. $60.00

Tarna-Tarnow Kiyum un Churban fun a Yidisher Shtat. Ed. A. Chomet.
T-A, 1954. Y. 929 p. photos.$100

Tasnad. A historical description in memory of the Jewish Community in
Tasnad, Transylvania. Ed. A. Fuchs. Jerusalem, 1973. H. 276 p. photos.
E. 2 p. $90.00

Telsiai Sefer ( Lita ) Matzevat Zikaron le Kehila Kedusha. Ed. Y.
Alperovitz. T-A,1984. H & Y, 505 pages, photos. Large format. $120.00

Ternovka - Ayarateinu Ternovka ; pirkei zikaron ve matseva. By G. Bar
Zvi. T -A. 1972. H. $110.

Tooretz-Yeremitz Yizkor Book. Ed. M. Valtzer-Pas,et all. T-A,1978. H.
Y. 422 p. E. 114p. Photos. $110.00

Turka -Sefer Zikaron le kehila, al nahar Stryj. Ed. J. Siegelman.
Haifa, 1966. 472p.+ photos. H&Y. $100.

Turobin Sefer-Pinkas Zikaron. Ed. M. S. Geshuri. T-A, 1967. H. Y. 397
p. photos. $120.00

Ukraina Yidin In. Zum Andenken der Ukrainer Yiden. N.Y. 1961. TWO
VOLS. Y. 342 + 145p. photos. Large format. $175.00

Vilna Churbn. Destruction of Jewish Vilna. Ed. Sh. Kaczerginski. N.Y.
1947. Y. 342 p. photos. $100.

Vitebsk Sefer. Ed. B. Karu. T-A,1957. H. 509 p. wrappers - as
published. $90.00

Visok - WYSOK Iiryateinu. Sefer Zikaron. Ed. Arieh Fialkov. T-A, 1963.
H. Y. 234 p. photos. $125.00

Vitebsk Amol. Geshichte- Zichronot- Churbn. N.Y. 1956. Ed. G. Aronson.
Y. 644 p. photos. $100.

Vengrov-Wegrow Sefer Zikaron. Ed. M. Tamari. T-A,1961. H. Y. 418 p.
photos. $100.00

Volomin Yizkor Buch.(Wolomin) Ed. Sh. Kank. T-A,1971. H. Y. 600 p.
photos. $100.00

Volhyniah- The Holocaust of Volhynian Jews 1941 - 1944. By S. Spector.
Jerusalem, 1990. E. 383, maps, fold outs. Federation of
Volhynian Jews in Israel. $55.00

Warsaw Churbn un Oifstand fun die Yidn. Edut - Bleter un Azkarot. Ed.
M. Neustatd. T-A, 1948. Two VOLS. Y. 320 p. + 401 p. photos, fold
outs. $160.00

Wielun - Sefer zikaron le kehilat Wielun. T - A , 1971. H. Y. E. 534
p. photos, large format.$130.

Wilno-Memorien (Memorias) D. Charney. Argentina,1951. Y. 319 p.
Photos. $85.00

Wolkovisker Yizkor Book. Ed. M. Einhorn. TWO VOLS. N.Y. 1949. Y. E.
990 p. photos. $140.00

Wolozhin. Sifra shel ha yir ve shel yeshivat Etz Haym. Ed. E. Leoni.
T-A, 1970. H.Y.E. 679p. Photos.$120

Wyshkow Sefer. ( Wyszkow) Ed. D. Shtockfish. H. Y. 354 p. photos. Very
large format. $120.00

Yustingrad - Sokolievka / Justingrad Ayara shenichreva - A century of
Struggle & Suffering in a Ukrainian Shtetl. Ed. L. Miller & D. F.
Miller. N.Y. 1983. Including facsm.Mashabei Sadeh booklet E. H. Y. 202
pages, photos. $120.00

Zdunska - Wola Sefer. Ed. E. Erlich. T-A, 1968. H. Y. E. 718-8-55 p.
Photos. Large format. $110.00

Wieroszow Sefer Zikaron. (Wieruszowie). T-A, 1970. H. Y. 967 p.
photos. $100.00

Zamosc - be geuna u be shivra. Ed. M. Tamari. T-A,1953. 327 p. photos.

Zarki -Kehilat Zarki ayara be hayeha u ve khilyona. Ed. Y. Lador. T-A,
1959. H.Y. 324 p. Photos. $100.00

Zelva Sefer Zikaron. Ed. Y. Moorstein. Transl. By J. S. Berger. Mahwa,
1992. E.141 p. $45.00

Zgierz Sefer. Maskeret Netzach. T-A, 1975. Ed. D. Shtockfish. Y. H.
798 p. Photos. $95.00

Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora.

Bessarabia Yahadut. Ed. K. A. Bertini. Jerusalem, 1971. H. 986 p.
photos. $90.00

Brisk de Lita. ( Brzesc) Ed. E. Steinman. Jerusalem, 1954-55. Two
vols. H, Y. 647 & 711p. Photos. $170.00

GRODNO. Ed. Dov Rabin. Jerusalem, 1973. H. 743 p. photos. $85.00

Jezierzany & Surroundings. Ed. M. A. Tenenblatt. Jerusalem, 1959. H.
500 p. photos. $90.

Jadow, the Book of. Ed. A. W. Yassni. Jerusalem, 1966. Y. 472 p. E.
XXIII p. photos. $90.

KARPATORUS. Ed. Y. Erez. Jerusalem, 1959. H. 590 p. photos. $90.00

LUBLIN. Ed. N. Blumenthal et all. Jerusalem,1957. H. 816 p. photos.

Tarnopol. Ed. Ph. Korngruen. Jerusalem, 1955. H. Y. 462 p. E. 13 p.

Warsaw. Ed. J. Gruenbaum. Jerusalem, 1953-73. Three vols. H. Y.
photos. $175.00
We have a number of separate volumes, broken sets on the above. If
you are missing a volume, please inquire, maybe we have it.


1 Walka Smierc Pamiec 1939-1945. W Dwudziesta Rocznice Powstana W
Warszawskim Getcie 1943-1963. Warsaw, n.d. oblong format, with
numerous photographs of the Holocaust. $75.00

2 Extermination of Polish Jews. Album of Pictures. Lodz,1945.Central
Committee of Polish Jews. Oblong format, With 252 photos, on 104
pages,text in Polish,English,Yidish.soft cover. shelfworn. $80.00

3 Wiederstand und Verfolgung in Dortmund,1933-1945. Dortmund,
1981.Standige Ausstellung vom Stadt-Archiv. 336 p. photos. Large
format . $60.00

4 Songs of the Ghetto. Israel, 1988.. 31 pages, text in Hebrew,
Yiddish, English. Photos. $25.00

5 Never Again ! A Holocaust Memorial Service for Christians - Yom Ha
Shoah. National Conference of Christians & Jews. N.Y. 31p. With a 4
p. pamphlet "Pastoral Institute" - On Christian - Jewish Relations.
Drew University, April 4,1979. $30.00

6 Bauminger, Roza; Przy Pikrynie I Trotylu. Krakow,1646. 63p.
Wrappers. $20.00

7 Bernstein, T. ed. et all; Eksterminacja Zydow na Ziemiach Polskich
w okresie okupaji hitlerowskiej.Zbior Dokumentow. Warsawa, 1957. 379
p. Polish with some German. $30.00

8 Caspi, Yitzhak; Chronicles of the Siedlce Pogrom in 1906.Hebrew,
T-A, 1947. 44p. photos. wrappers.$19.00

9 Dworetzki, M.; Yerushalaim De Lita ba Meri u be Shoah. Israel,
1951. 430 p. photos. $20.00

10 Eisenberg, A; Witness to the HOLOCAUST. N. Y. 1981. 647 p. $19.00

11 Eliav, Mordechai; ANI MA'AMIN. Eduyot al hayeihem ve mutam shel
anshei emuna be yemei ha shoah. Jerusalem,Rav Kook, 1969. 271 p.

12 FeinZilber, Elimelech; Oif di hurvot fun mein haiim. HURBN
SHEDLITZ T-A,1952. 263p. photos. $20.

12a Genizi, Haim; American Apathy. The plight of Christian Refugees
from Nazism. Bar Ilan U.P.1983.411p. In English, text &
documentation. $29.00

13 Grossman, M; With a Camera in the Ghetto. N.Y.1977. $23.00

14 Kogon, E.; The Theory & Practice of Hell. The German
Concentration Camps & the System Behind Them. N.Y.,1951(?) 307 p.

15 Kowalski, I; A Secret Press in Nazi Europe.The story of a Jewish
United Partisan Organisation. N.Y.,1969. 416 p. photos. $20.00

15a Kulka, Otto,D. & Paul R. Mendes - Flohr. Judaism & Christianity
under the Impact of National Socialism. Jerusalem, 1987. English,
558 pages. $42.00

16 Mark, B; Der oifshtand in Varshaver Gheto. Varsaw,1955. 438p.
Photos, fold out. $23.00

17 Mendelsohn, S; The Polish Jews behind the Nazi Ghetto Walls.
YIVO,1942. 31p. Photos. Wrappers. $17.00

18 ------; same as above-in Yiddish. $15.00

19 Nirenstein, A; A Tower >from the Enemy.Contributions to a history
of Jewish resistance in Poland. N Y. 1959. 372 p. $20.00

20 Slutzki,Y. et all; Jewish Soldiers in European Armies. Hebrew.
T-A,1967.196 p. photos. $20.00

21 Syrkin, Marie; Miss ARENDT surveys the Holocaust. N.Y. 1963. 23p.
Wrappers. $20.00

22 Trunk, Isaiah; GHETTO LODZ. A historical & sociological study
including documents maps, & tables. N. Y. 1962. Yiddish, English,
Polish. Fold outs. 528 p. $24.00

23 Vishniak, Marc; The Legal Status of Stateless Persons. N.Y.1945.
69 p. wrappers. $15.00


24 AUSCHWITZ. A History in Photographs. Teresa Swiebocka, compiler.
Bloomington, In. 1995. Large album Text in English, photos. $25.00

25 LAST TRACES. The lost Art of Auschwitz. J.P. Czarnecki. N. Y.
1989. 175 p. text + plates. $27.50

26 AUSCHWITZ. 1270 to the present. D. Dwork et all. N.Y.1996. 443
pages, photos. $20.00

27 AUSCHWITZ NEL PENSIERO EBRAICO. Massimo Giuliani.Brescia, 1998.
209 p.wrappers. $15.00

---->from Bergen Belsen to Freedom. The story of the exchange of
Jewish inmates of B-B with German Templars >from Palestine. In memory
of Dr. Haim Pazner. 1986. E. 61 p. $8.00

Ilka Gedo & G. Roman ; Victims and Perpetrators. Two parts. One-
full page drawings with text in English& Hungarian, Buda- Pest
Ghetto,1944 / Hungarian War Criminals, 1946.Second part, text, in
Hebrew. Jerusalem, 1996 & Cultural Exchange Foundation, Hungary.

Gutman,Y. all; Major changes within the Jewish People in the
wake of the Holocaust. The 9th.International conference of Yad -
Vashem. Jerusalem, 1996. English, 764 pages. $20.00

Kleiman,Y.& Nina Springer-Aharoni,eds; The Anguish of Liberation.
Testimonies >from 1945. English,64 p. photographs >from concentration
camps. Jerusalem, 1995. $11.00

Klevan, A. ed; Jewish communities destroyed in the Holocaust.
Jerusalem,1982. Detailed lists of destroyed places,in Hebrew &
English. 145 pages. $15.00.

Placek, Max; Double Signature. Portraits of Personalities >from the
Terezin Ghetto. 1994. 100 p. Text in H. & E Over 100 illustrations, in
b & w. $14.00

Unger, Michal, ed.; THE LAST GHETTO. Life in the LODZ Ghetto
1940-1944. 3rd.printing,1997.Large book With hundreds of photos,
documentation, in H. & E. $20.00
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