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Carole Feinberg <feincgs@...>

Shalom, Fellow Galicianers,

I purchased "The Holocaust of Volhynian Jews 1941-1944" directly >from Yad
Vashem. They charged $25 plus $10 postage, which was less than the $55
quoted price I read in one of the Gesher Galicia postings dated Feb. 22/23,

I have no axe to grind either way, having had no financial or previous
dealings with the book source in question. I think they should list the
Volhynia book in the section of Yad VaShem publications, since I believe
Yad VaShem was the publisher. That would be a moot point for Galicianers,
anyway, since Volhynia borders easternmost Galicia. Perhaps there may have
been some overlap, but, basically, I found Volhynia and Galicia to have
been distinct >from each other.

As a service to genealogists, I believe that the book dealer should include
a note that not all so-called yiskor books contain a necrology, a list of
decedents, which is one of the main interests of genealogists.

Atlanta, GA

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