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I recently asked a question about locating the records of my
grandfather's shtetl, outside of Lviv.

The moderator noted that the records for this town are with the
Vinniki, Eastern Galicia records in the Polish National Archives in
Warsaw AND in the Lviv Archives.

Are the records in Warsaw and Lviv the same? By this I mean, is one
archive a duplicate of the other? Or were these records accumulated
by separate entities and archived independently of each other?

Wayne Roth Brooklyn, New York

MODERATOR NOTE: They are different records, not duplicates.

I encourage those interested in Galician records to refer to Suzan
Wynne's book, Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A Resource
Guide, published by Avotaynu, Inc. in 1998. If your local library
does not have a copy of this book, you might suggest that they
purchase it. Avotaynu is accessible at <> or

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