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Barbara and Marty Yeager <barbara-and-marty@...>

For those researchers who are interested in the Slownik Geograficzny entries
for Galician towns, I would like to inform you that the Fall 98 and Winter
99 issues of the Bulletin of the Polish Genealogical Society of America
contain translations of entries for the following towns:

* Fall 98 issue of Bulletin: Leki Gorne and Leki Dolne, 2 villages near
Tarnow. The editor's note also mentions a translation of entries for Pilzno
and Jaslo, published by the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas. According
to the editor, those two translations should be available on the net at

* Winter 99 issue of Bulletin: Domaradz or Domaradzow, Laczki, Meciszow,
Ocieka, Porabka, Przeclaw, Pustkow, Wojkowka -- the maps enclosed in the
translations show these towns as being in the Krosno, Tarnow, Rzeszow and
Nowy Sacz provinces (obviously, these are references to the "old"
provinces). This issue also includes a review of _Genealogical Gazeteer of
Galicia, Expanded Data Edition_, Brian Lenius, self-published 1999,
available >from the author.

Barbara Urbanska-Yeager
Chicago, IL

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