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Shelley K. Pollero <rpollero@...>

Marjorie Rosenfeld wrote in part:

...since I now know that the Archive in L'viv has 19th-century
Jewish vital records for Brody only through 1861, I'm glad I didn't
hire the Jewish Preservation Society to send a researcher >from Kiev
to L'viv to look for the record of my grandfather's birth in 1876!
They had approached me and wanted more than $100 up front for this
job, which wouldn't have yielded anything!

Re the location of Vishnevets (that's the current spelling), my map
of "Partitioned Poland" >from 1815-1918 (coinciding with the 2nd
partition up until the end of World War I) shows Galicia and the Pale
of Jewish Settlement, which had been annexed by Russia, as well as
Congress Poland, which was also under Russian domination. If
Vishnevets had been north of Brody, it could have been in Congress
Poland. But since it's 29.5 miles ESE of Brody, it had to be either
in Galicia or just over the border in the Pale. Admittedly, it can be
awfully hard to follow all the border changes and figure out just
where one's relatives came from. I'm guessing that a lady who told
me that her grandfather came >from Vishnevets in Poland probably had
a grandfather >from a family that had lived in Poland at one time
and had retained the language and old loyalties.

When my Web pages on Gorlice go up, you'll see I've traced the
political history to show how this town went >from Poland to Galicia
and back to Poland again so that people will have a firm grip on
where the place is and where it used to be at various time periods.

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
Carlsbad, CA

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