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Peter Jassem <jassep@...>

Re: Translation of Auschwitz letter requested by Norman Fuhrer.
This is a typical letter >from the Museum of Auschwitz, so perhaps other
Galizianers would be interested to see it as well. Here is the translation:

The State Museum in Auschwitz informs that in the partial records of its
archives information about the following prisoner has been found:

FUHRER, Bella b. 18.6 1904 r., Nyregyhaza, prisoner of KL Auschwitz
Date of inprisonment & camp ID number not available.
On 25..1945 transferred >from KL Auschwitz do KL Mathausen.
No more info available.

Other members of the FUHRER family are not included in our partial records.

Source of information: transport list >from KL Auschwitz do KL Mathausen.

For more information we suggest to write to:

Internationaler Suchdienst
Grosse Allee 5-9
D-34444 Arolsen

Jerzy Wroblewski, MSc., Director (signed)

Note: Internationaler Suchdienst is known in English as the International
Tracing Service. You'll wait at least two years for the results of their
search. To speed up the process by about 50% write to the Red Cross of your
country instead and they will forward your application to Arolsen.

Please also note that Auschwitz Death Lists were published a few years
ago. I haven't found anybody related to me in the volumes (and I looked for
about 25 people), simply because the list constitutes less than 5% of all
Auschwitz victims. The publication is a quite accurate reflection of what
can be found in Auschwitz archives.

Peter Jassem
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Original letter:

Panstwowe Muzeum w Oswiecimiu informuje ze w czesciowo zachowanych aktach
tut. Archiwum sa nastepujace dane o nizej wymienionej wiezniarce KL

FUHRER, Bella ur 18.6 1904 r., Nyregyhaza, byl wiezniem KL Auschwitz Daty
osadzenia i numeru obozowego brak
Pod data 25..1945 r. figuruje na liscie wiezniow przeniesionych z KL
Auschwitz do KL Mathausen.
Innych danych o w/w brak.

Pozostali czlonkowie rodziny FUHRER w. czesciowo zachowanych aktach
obozowych nie figuruja.

PODSTAWA informacji:
lista transportowa z KL Auschwitz do KL Mathausen.

W dalsych poszukiwaniach Muzeum radzi zwrocic sie do.
Internationaler Suchdienst
Grosse Allee 5-9
D-34444 Arolsen

Dyrektor mgr Jerzy Wroblewski (signed)

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