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A society probably refers to a Landsmannschaften or an immigrant benevolent
Society. These organizations were named after the birthplaces of there
members ( usually in Eastern Europe) and were formed to for mutual aid,
aiding newcomers, aiding the folks in the old country and for social and
recreational purposes. Very often the Society would purchase a large plot in
a cemetery so that it's members could benefit >from cost savings and I
presume also because they felt a closeness in death as they did in life.

Interestingly enough I have a bit of coincidence. When my father in law
passed away we brought his remains to be buried in Israel. The section that
he is buried in is right next to a section belonging to the Zabno
Landsmannschaften. My mother in law comes >from a shtetl called Radlow that
was so small that the did not have cemetery, the Jews of Radlow were buried
in Zabno.
David Gurtler

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