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Marian Rubin

The dream of having the Rzeszow Births database online has
come true.The database is online in the searchable database of
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland:

The database contains information >from 1500 city of Rzeszow births
from 1842-1866. These records are held in the Lviv, Ukraine Archives,
and have not been filmed by the LDS (Mormons). Rzeszow, (pronounced
zhe-shuf) is in southern Poland and was in the Austro-Hungarian province
of Galicia. Its Yiddish name is Reisha.

To search:
1.Start at http: //
2.Click on: Search the database
3.You are now on the page titled: Database Search.
(Don't click on the upper part of the page.)
4. Scroll down to the boxes.
5. Enter a surname
6. For gubernia, select GALICIA
7. For province, select RZESZOW
8. For town, enter Rzeszow
9. If the name you are searching appears in the Krakow
and Tarnow records, you will get results >from those
databases first. Scroll through those databases and you will
come to the Rzeszow births.

After a successful search, at the end of the databases, you
come to a table: Jewish Records Indexing-Poland.

Scroll to: Datafile Rzeszow 1842-1866
Click there for very important information:
1. Under the heading: Source of these records, you can click
on Eden Joachim's name to send her an instant message
asking how to obtain records.
2. The codes used in the database are explained.
3. There is a Disclaimer section
4. There are research notes noting circumstances that
bear on the interpretration of the records.

Printing your results
You can search the JRI-Poland database and get your
results in either a table or in plain text format. If you print directly
from the search results,either option will be effective. However, if
you intend to copy >from the search results and save that file on
your computer, you'll find the plain text option most effective.

The records indexed in this project were acquired and
contributed by Eleanor Bien, Louis Fine, Judie Ostroff-Goldstein,
Michael Marks, Marian Rubin and Carol Skydell. Thanks to the
following volunteers who transcribed the records: Eleanor Bien,
Mike Feiler, Ben Gore, Steve Hellinger, Peter Jassem, Eden
Joachim, Phyllis Kramer, Jaqui Licht, Judie Ostroff-Goldstein,
Jackie Rich, Marian Rubin, Gedalia Sharon, Susan Wynne.
My appreciation also goes to the the following who checked and
and corrected the data entry: Leon Gold, Freya Blitstein Maslov
and Nachum Kornfeld.

I want to thank all of the Jewish Records Indexing-Poland team--
Stanley Diamond, Hadassah Lipsius, Michael Tobias and Steve
Zedek--for their effort in helping me with this project. Thanks also
to my friend Judy Baston, a member of the JRI-Poland board, for
her always appropriate suggestions.

My thanks and appreciation also go to JewishGen for the service
they provide to all of us by hosting JRI-Poland.

To those who use this database, please consider donations
to both JewishGen and to JRI-Poland.

If your family lived in the city of Rzeszow, please contact
me about joining our Rzeszow Research Group E-mail list.

I look forward to hearing about your success in searching
the database.

Marian Rubin
San Francisco
Coordinator, Rzeszow Births Database

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