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melody amsel <melodya@...>

Thanks to all, public and private, who answered my query about Polish
names. It is for a book on Jews >from Slovakia, hopefully forthcoming very

AS for me, you asked for town and country. I live in Beersheva, Israel.
My immediate interest is in the Jews of Slovakia--but eventually I will get
to researching my Galician grandmother--who may have lived in Radomyshl.

Are any of you doing that shtetl [Radomyshl]?

Melody Amsel
Beersheva, Israel

Searching: AMSEL/in Slovakia: Stropkov, Michalovce, Vraanov, Bardejov,
Humenne, Hertnik. Also: in Hungary and Poland.

BAUM, RITTER/Stropkov, Okruhle, Chotca, New York.
LANDAU/Humenne, Ladomirova.
BECKER, ZAZULIA, POLLACK, MORGENSTERN/ in Bessarabia: Chotin, Navatselet,

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