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Peter Jassem <jassep@...>

Gary S. Friedman, Philadelphia, PA, gsfriedman@..., wrote:

Is anyone familiar with the JRI-Poland extracts? Am I correct that this is
a female extract record of the marriage? Assuming, I have found a
female/bridal record of the marriage, shouldn't I be able to find through
the same search engine, a record of the male/bridegroom, Israel WURMAN in
the same JRI-Poland data base? When I attempt the search under that name
for the same Gubernia & Provence, I fail to find a record.
Bride and groom are listed one after another in JRI database (see matching
record numbers). In this case Mindel FRIEDMAN Mindel married Isydor WILLNER
in 1887.

Peter Jassem
Toronto, ON

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