Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Looking for partners on trip to Graves of Tzadikim in the Ukraine #galicia

Abraham J Heschel <binmoses@...>

Dear fellow Genners:

I am G-D willing planning to visit the Ukraine in mid August for about a
week. My goal is to visit the graves of many of the Chasidic masters
buried in the Ukraine and some of their extant Synagogues. I am not
planning any actual Archival work, rather to pray at these holy sites and
to attempt to find the grave of one of my ancestors, a great Chassidic
I have previously been in the Ukraine and have established contacts in
various cities.Among the gravesites and Synagogues I hope to be visiting
will in Berditchev, Medzibush, Zinkov, Fastov, Anatikva, Pogrebischt,
Annipol, Slavuta, Polnoa, Ostrog, Husyatin, Kopychintsy, Strusov,
Chortkov, Sadigora, and Vilednik.
I am looking for one or two men who would be interested in joining me on
such a trip should please contact me at BinMoses@....

Abraham J. Heschel

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