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I am trying to catch with the summer mail, and Suzan Wynne letter caught my
attention, since I have been also involved with the subject of classifying
Galicia shtetls.
Frankly, I do not understand copyright issue mentioned in Suzan letter.

I have in front of me list of all Polish towns gathered during 1928. This is
supplement to 1929 Poland 1929 Business Directory. All towns are listed
alphabetically, and the districts and Provinces names are listed alongside
the town names. In addition, page number where detailed information about
town and its business folks can be found is also referenced.

Another detailed listing is also provided by the individual Provinces pages,
all towns are again listed alphabetically
Other deatiled town - district lists like Poland Post Office, are also
available. What Austrian publication have messed up initially, has been
rectified by the later Polish publications.

Alexander Sharon
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A very final word on the subject of administrative districts from
me....I promise that I will stop beating this poor dead horse in a
minute. Robert Strumwasser points out correctly that information is not
copyrighted. However, he missed the point that I was making which was
that the Austrian government published information about the
administrative districts by listing the main districts alphabetically,
with the subdistricts within each district, also listed alphabetically.
Within each subdistrict they listed the towns that belonged in the
subdistrict in a very rough alphabetical format.

It was extremely frustrating to genealogists to try to use this format
since if you wanted to know what administrative district/subdistrict
your town was in, you had to comb the entire list of about 30,000
towns. I spent a couple of years (on an occasional basis) computering
the list so that I could provide information to the people who were
writing to me (this was years before the Internet was available to the
general public) to ask about their towns. Then, Gary Mokotoff wanted to
put the list on his mainframe and so he paid for data entry clerks to
reenter the list again....twice, as is the procedure for doing this sort
of thing. He then generated a microfiche that Avotaynu sells. When I
decided to compile a book to help Jews research their Galician
ancestors, he and I decided to include the computerized listing in the
book. Since the microfiche version had errors, I reentered all of the
towns again! This is the list that is copyrighted by me.

What I have offered to do is to help the leaders of the individual
town/regional groups with the ORIGINAL list, which is not copyrighted.
It would be useful for these leaders to know which towns were in each of
the subdistricts/main districts so that there would not be overlap. The
list exists only in my house and in the microfilm that the Mormons have
of the little volume published by the Austrians. The print is extremely
hard to read. Some of the towns have endings: "ce" and some have
endings "ec" and you must have an alternative source of information to
know which is correct because the print style does not permit easy

It would probably be helpful for the listing in this form to be
reproduced. I do not have time to do this task, but would be happy to
provide a copy of what I have to someone who wants to undertake it.
Judging on how long it took me to create the final list that is in the
book, it would probably take about two full weeks of data entry.

Again, please keep in mind that Brian Lenius, who had a similar listing
by the Austrian government for Catholic parishes, and all the other
lists that are currently available have published non-Jewish lists. The
Jewish list sometimes overlaps but there are striking differences in
some cases. The reason for this was religious politics since the people
who maintained the registers were rabbis who were hired by the Austrian
government. You can imagine....

Suzan Wynne
Kensington, MD

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