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Lutowiska (4915 / 2242) is today in Poland, was also called Litevisk,
Litovisk, Lutoviska, and is 69 km (sorry, living in Europe I am not familiar
with miles) south of Przemysl.

My wife's great-great-grandparents lived in Lutowiska: Schmuel FISCH and
Chawa URI. Family tradition has it that the father of Schmuel FISCH was
originally called Fischel LEHRER, but people made a joke and called him
"Fischel Regirer Fisch" and finally he changed his last name >from LEHRER to
FISCH. He must have lived in Lutowiska in the second half of 19th century.
He was a "Bojaner Chassid" and often traveled to the "Bianer Rebbe". He
probably died between 1904 and 1911.

His wife, Chawa URI, was a descendant of the first Dynover Rebbe, Zvi
Elimelech Spira. I have her death certificate which says that she died in
Zagorz in 1932 at the age of 82.

The couple is said to have had 16 children, many of them died as infants. I
have data of six children.

Any hints, help etc. is mostly appreciated.

Other villages I am researching in Galicia are:
Zagorz: FISCH
Turka. : FISCH, WALD

Daniel Teichman
Zurich, Switzerland
e-mail: Daniel.Teichman@...

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