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<< The letter says:
>Thanks, any Jew born in Galica should be considered Jewish, not Polish,
>Ukrainian, etc. The thought of my grandparents being "considered"
>Ukrainian (or any of the others) makes me physically ill. The governments
>and most of the people did not consider the Jews to be Polish, Ukranian,
>nor, God forbid, German. And neither should we. Regards, H...

Dear H..., your comment is very emotional and I understand this. >>

I was married to a Russian Jew. He too, if asked what his nationality was
would respond Jewish. So did all his relatives that I met. I found it an
interesting and somewhat confusing statement. Since I was not Jewish, I had
considered him American of Russian extract since both his parents were born
in Russia, but his religion as Jewish. Just as I considered myself American
of Irish, English and Czech extraction (most of my grandparents or
great-grandparents were born in those countries), and my religion Catholic.

At this point, since I have been unable to discover his father's immigration
papers or naturalization papers, I have not been able to get past this point.
However, a possible real last name would suggest that his father was
possibly of Polish extraction.

The only reasoning I could come up with is that because of anti-Semitism
throughout the ages, the Jewish people felt alot like the Germans >from Russia
do -- they are Germans who happen to have ancestors who spent 200 or less
years in Russia.

Neither my husband nor his relatives really gave me an answer to why they
felt their nationality was Jewish, but they do.


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