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Judy Davies <Jude@...>

Dear moderator,

Thank you for uploading the letter regarding the Struma Project
- & thank you to Joe Ives for his response.
An article appeared in the London Times today ,which explores the incident &
todays reactions in Turkey to the Project & The Tragedy >from all points of
I am a fairly young person and have a great affection for Turkey & have
enjoyed wonderful hospitality & kindness >from Turkish people -it is a
vibrant & exciting country.
I know many thousands of Jewish people >from Gallicia , Romania etc survived
by escaping through Turkey & of course not forgetting the Sephardic Jews who
gained refuge in Turkey after the expulsion >from Spain . Idealistically , I
have the hope that countries need to face their pasts even handedly &
openly about past glories & less glorious episodes to build stronger futures
for us all & generally over time they do, partly due to the voices of people
like those who organise Jewish Gen for us to regain & retain our heritage.
I am confident that The Turkish Government will continue to support the
Struma Project.

The article is at :

Thank you - Judith Davies, London England
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