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I have discovered another name in my family research. The maiden name of my
paternal grandfather's mother was Beckie BEIDES. Her brother Adolph BEIDES
came to NY >from Austria and I am assuming that they were Galicians too. In
the 1920 census, Adolph is listed with wife Fannie, also >from Austria, and 5
children, Isidore (1907), Jennie (1910), Louis (1912), Dora (1913) and Morris
(1914). Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Also, rereading my grandfather's ship manifest again, under his name Lieb
ELIAN, it said that his father, Rubin ELIAN, lived in (I am not sure of the
spelling) Baldachowhau. Can anyone make sense of that town?

Carole Whitehead
Plainview, NY, USA
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researching ELIAN and BEIDES

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