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Linda Cantor <lincan@...>

I would like to respectfully disagree with David and Beverly. I do not want
to see an online journal for Gesher Galicia.

I already spend all day in front of a computer at work. And I spent far too
much leisure time in front of a computer to keep up with my genealogy and
other interests. I do not want to have to sit at a computer in order to
read a journal nor do I want to have to print one out on my slow printer.

I want a print journal to read when I'm on the train or in bed at night or
whenever I want. I want to be able to keep it and refer to it at some later
date. I have all past copies of Gesher Galicia and like being able to look
things up. Another sig that I belong to has put their journal on-line and,
truth be told, I don't look at it. I would hate to see that happen to our

I know how hard it is to produce a journal as I did so for JGSLI for over 5
years. However the printing is the least of the work. So I hope that
everyone will reconsider.

Lastly, I don't believe that there is any way to restrict who is reading an
online journal. So why would people pay their dues? Just a thought.

Linda Cantor

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