Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: On-line journal #galicia


Linda Cantor wrote, in part:

I want a print journal to read when I'm on the train or in bed at night or
whenever I want. I want to be able to keep it and refer to it at some later
And I would like to express my total agreement with her. I also like to read
this "away" >from my computer screen. You see, I have this "nasty" habit of
using a yellow highlighter (and penciling in comments) for those important
things I'd like to be able to find instantly when I flip thru these journals
again. You cannot do that on the computer. Bookmarking, favorite places are
nice - but not as efficient.
If anything is put online - with reference to the Journal - it should ONLY be
the Volume / Edition # / Index of articles in that issue with instructions on
how that issue could be purchased. This might help eliminate the free ride
aspect and resolve the issue of maximum dissemination.

Freya Blitstein Maslov
Morton Grove, IL

PELENBERG / PERLBERG >from Zolynia and Lancut

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