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Town in Galicia that you are referring to is written in the passenger list
as "Oleszica", the third letter is definitely 's'.

This is an alternative name (other known town names are Olishiche and
Holashitz) of town Oleszyce, located in Poland, just NW >from town Lubaczow,
about 30 miles north of Przemysl

from the shtetl prewar population of just over 3,000, more than half were
Jewish. Just next to Oleszyce another village known as Oleszyce Stare or
Stare Oleszyce (Old Oleszyce) is located.

This village of prewar 2,500 people had also 105 Jewish souls. Prior to WWII
town was located in Lwow Province, but physically it is located in western

Alexander Sharon

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I'm a brand new subscriber and this is my maiden posting. My father was
Ernie FLIEGEL, born Itzek FLUGELTAUB in Galiti Siret, Romania on May 13,
1904. His father, Herman FLUGELTAUB, was born in West Galicia, on Nov 15,
1874, in a town the name of which is illegible on the only reliable record
have of his birthplace, the ship passenger list >from the S.S. Saint Andrew
for its sailing >from Antwerp on Jul 24, 1909. The town name, which I've
scanned >from the passenger list, appears as file VM274 at Although it appears to be "Oleozica," neither
the West or East Galicia ShtetLinks include a town name that comes close
such a spelling. I'd be grateful if some of you would have a look at the
ViewMate depiction in an effort to confirm the name of this town. Many

Robert Aalbu Fliegel
St. Augustine, FL
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