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Karol Schlosser wrote:
Can anyone tell me what is the yiddish version of Yehura? I
discovered that
the inscription on my grandfathers headstone reads "Avraham ben
Yehura" which
is puzzling as I thought his father was called Leib! Has
anyone else found
this problem?
The name would be "ben Yehuda". The Hebrew "d" (daleth) and "r"
(resh) are very similar.
Apart >from that the name Leib (Lion or "Aryeh" in Hebrew) is
connected with Yehuda since the time of the Bible and until this
day. Jacob on his deathbed blessed his son Yehuda and called him
a lion's cub. Ever since the names of Leib/Aryeh and Yehuda go

Lancy Spalter
Kfar Tavor, Israel

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