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Eve Greenfield <eve_rachel@...>

Dear Galizianers,

The previous posting on records >from the Nowy Sacz
area and Jewish migration raised some intriguing
possibilities about a branch of my family that has
become more of a mystery every time I get a new piece
of information about them, and I'd love to get your
feedback on it.
My grandmother had always thought that her family
originated in or near Graz, Austria. They came to the
U.S. in 1911; my grandmother was born in Camden N.J.,
but most of ger older siblings were born in Europe.
She always assumed that whatever extended family was
left in Europe had perished in the Holocuast; in any
case, the relatives her mother used to write to had
dropped out of sight. My grandmother lost her father
when she was an infant in the 1918 flu pandemic, and
her mother died shortly after my grandmother was
married (which would have been 1938-1939,
approximately). My grandmother was still very young,
and the Depression was on, so they were more concerned
with putting food on the table than with schmoozing
about fmaily history, which my grandmother is now
deeply regretting, now that I am trying to show her
that it may be possible to find living family members.
Anyway, a couple of months ago, a wonderful
Jewsihgenner sent me a copy of the ticket purchase
book, showing my ggf's purchase (he was already living
in Camden, NJ) of ship tickets for the wife and kids
from Bremen to Philadelphia. Here's the wild part:
the address where they were living before departure
was in Labowa, Poland. I looked and found it, about
75 miles >from Krakow and about 10 >from Nowy Sacz.
Ever since, I've been brainstorming to figure out how
they might have gotten >from Graz to Nowy Sacz or vice
versa: my granmother never remembers anyone talking
about Poland, but let it slip a while back that her
mother was fluent in Polish. If there was a mass
migration >from Vienna to Galicia, then could that have
extended to the Graz area, although that's pretty far
from Vienna? Any other ideas on where I might look
for records?
Eve Greenfield, Chicago, Illinois

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