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Hi Philip,

An interesting subject indeed.

Zelichow and the adjacent smaller shtetls as Wola Zelichowska, Pilcza
Zelichowska and other localities were properties of the mighty count
Lubomirski family.

Close by Zelichow in town Dabrowa Tarnowska there is what has left >from the
palace build by Count Kajetan Lubomirski at the end of 17th century. This
palace was destroyed by the fire in the mid of the19th century, but lovely
17th century Baroque style main entrance gate which is similar in appearance
to the Arc Triumph is still there.

Only known to me "German" connection was an architect D.M.Poppelmann, who is
credited as being involved in the reconstruction of the Lubomirski palace at
the end of 17 century. Poppelmann was known as the original
architect/builder of the Dresden's Zwinger and the reconstructor of the
Royal Palace in Warsaw.

Lubomirskis were powerful magnates and landowner of this any many other
areas till the end of 19th century. You might find some more information in
"Slownik Geograficzny Polski..." end of 19th century publication, which
probably lists landowners of all localities at the time of publication.

There is of course a bit of speculation on my side that Zelichow was
definitely part of Lubomirski real estate property since Zelichowskis family
were also known magnates, not as powerful and mighty as Lubomirskis,
Potockis, Koniecpolskis or Radziwlls, but there appears to be some
connection between Zelichowskis and placenames like Zelichow and Wola

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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Dear fellow researchers,

does anyone know where the village of Zelichow (dot on the Z, accent on
the o) in
Little Poland (West Galicia), some 40 miles East of Cracow, belonged to?
(This is

not Zelechow near Warsaw.)

My ancestor came >from this place in the second half of the 17th century.

I'm looking for the magnate or city that the village belonged to, its
German name,
the whereabouts of any sources today, and older cemetaries in the
vicinity. I know
that it is difficult to find anything for that period, but Gary Mokotoff's
announcement about magnates' archives gives some hope.

Thanks in advance,

Phillip Minden
Heidelberg, Germany

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