Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia ViewMate request - Hebrew to English translation #galicia

Gary Katz <katzgary@...>

I've posted five Yad Yashem documents in ViewMate >from Lezajsk that are
probable Bohrer relatives of mine. Could someone who reads Hebrew
please translate them to English for me? The URL is:

The documents are posted one after the other so please remember to
scroll down.

I'm especially eager to learn maiden names, parents names and submitter
names/family relationships.

Thanks in advance for this mitzvah!

Gary Katz
Santa Clara, California, USA


Bohrer, Blumenfeld, Silber >from Lezajsk, Kurylowka and Sieniawa in Poland
Katz and Golemba >from Vilna and Oshmyani in Lithuania
Berkowitz, Lefkowitz, Schoenfeld and Hochman >from Hungary
Bennett >from Romania
Hertz >from Austria
Spinner, Weingarten, Fink, Kessler >from Starry Sambor, Sambor and
Borislav in Ukraine
Rabinowitz, Mazovetsky, Laskow and Morrison >from Szczuczen, Belarus
Mordohovich, Cherniak, Katz and Zimmerman >from Nerchinsk, Chita,
Sterinsk in Siberia; Harbin, Manchuria; and Shanghai.
Cherniak and Moshevitzky >from Minsk, Belarus

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