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Chana Saadia <hana_saadia@...>

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is proud to announce the following
additions to our growing database of 19th Century vital record indices from
Podwoloczyska Births: 1877-1889
Skalat Births: 1859-1883
Tarnopol Births: 1898-1899
Tarnopol Marriages: 1898-1899
Zborow Births: 1877-1890
Zborow Deaths: 1877-1886

I can't begin to thank the people responsible for setting up this
I will of course be ordering photocopies of them >from AGAD.

What a wonderful project - without JGEN and GG and JRI this would have been
impossible to achieve.


Robert W Fraser
I was absolutely amazed at the results this database gave me!! My father,
Nachman SEIDMAN, was born in Tarnopol in 1888. I found his birth record,
records of the births of his 4 siblings that I knew of, plus records of 5
other children born to his parents, plus 2 more possible children (only the
mother's name listed). In addition, there are 5 of his mother's siblings
listed, with children for 2 of them.
Now what I need is death records - I assume most of these unknown siblings
died young.
What information would ordering photocopies of these records give me that
isn't already in the database?

Thank you very much!

Chana Saadia
Kiryat Arba, Israel
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