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Edward Goldstein

After an frustrating search of the internet I have found a site >from
which you can download a free Polish font for the Macintosh. The URL

The download is a bit tricky. Several attempts using Internet
Explorer 5 failed, but Netscape Communicator 4.75 worked without a
hitch. There is also an FTP site >from which to transfer the file, but
I have not tried it.

There is no documentation with the file. So you will need a utility
to determine the key combinations that produce the various
characters. Key Caps, the standard Mac utility, does not work, at
least on my Mac. An old freeware control panel called PopChar works
fine; it displays all the characters on a pop-up screen which shows
the key combinations for any selected character and also prints the
selected character in any open application (e.g., word processing,
email, etc.).

Edward Goldstein
Editor, The Galitzianer

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