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Charlie Katz <CharlieKatz@...>

Perhaps someone can offer some advice or assistance to me.

I recently discovered a box of photos belonging to my great-grandmother.
Among the photos are some documents in pretty fragile condition that will be
most helpful to my researching this line. I believe these documents are:
- birth certificate? of my great-grandfather (Janow, BARUCH (BERNARD) STROH,
- birth certificate? of my great-grandmother (Grodek Jagiellonski: S?
- photo of 9 people around a tombstone, possible my g-g-grandmother (CHAJE
- a letter written in Hebrew (Yiddish?) fragmented into 8-9 pieces, possibly
associated with the photo

Two questions...
- Any ideas of a resource in NYC to look at these items and interpret them?
Scanning for Viewmate will not do them justice.
- About the birth certificates... Both documents are titled
"Geburts-Schein" and "Swiadectwo urodzin" and list 1879 as birth dates.
However, they both have dates on the bottom >from 1905 and 1906. Is it
possible these were requests for copies for documentation purposes (prior to
immigrating). Also, both documents have similar content but are different

Charlie Katz

Ozernyany (Jezierna): FUCHS, KATZ, LINDEMAN
Mikulintsy: KATZ
Janow: STROH
Grodek Jagiellonski: SCHLIEDER, SPINNER

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