Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Coercing AOL 6 into sending plain-text e-mail #galicia

Kenneth Brody <kenbrody@...>

I have found two pieces of info on the "Unofficial AOL Email FAQ" as to
how to use AOL 6 and still send plain text e-mail:


This describes the convoluted path you can take to get AOL 6 to send
plain-text e-mail. (9 steps long!) Note, however, that you must do
the last 5 steps every time you want to send a plain-text e-mail, so
I don't exactly call it a "solution".


Since AOL purchased Netscape, they incorporated the proprietary AOL
protocols (there is no POP or SMTP support) into Netscape version 6
which is able to send plain-text e-mail.

Kenneth Brody

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