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It's tough. I have a whole box of photos >from my mother and other than
the people I recognize, the only ones I can identify are the ones that
have their names on the backs of the photos. Even if YOU know who
everybody is in your photos--write their names on the back in
pencil!!! Somebody down the line may not know who in the world they

I could not agree more, so in the past two years, I have bugged the heck out
of my parents, aunts, senior cousins, etc. I have really become a nudge
about going through boxes of old family photos and carefully identifying the
people, places, dates, etc. To help foster the need for preservation of
family photos, I am making an offer to restore photos for Jenners for
FREE!!!! Read on.........

A few months ago, while I was in Florida, I made an appointment with a
cousin who has a large collection of family photos. She is 100% Galician and
twice-related to me on the DEUTSCHER and KATZ (>from Rozniatow and Zuawno)
sides so ALL of her pictures were of interest. There were a lot of photos
were >from around 1910-15. Many of these were postcards photos taken in NY to
send to the remaining family in Galicia. We spent a wonderful 6 hours
pouring over boxes of photos - with the cassette recorder running on the
floor nearby, recording all of the stories that she told me, as she
identified the pictures. She was VERY nervous when I borrowed about 200
pictures to take home to copy and in some cases, restore, but when I return
them to her at the end of this month, I will be including some pictures that
I have restored - real treasures - her parents' wedding picture, a beautiful
baby picture of her, and a priceless picture of her with her father (he died
in 1945).

Even if you cannot do to the people who might be able
to identify the people in the photographs. Use the pictures as a vehicle for
gathering family stories, "bubbe misers," etc. Use a pencil to ID the
people, places and date AND DO NOT FORGET to encourage the owners of the
pictures to find a safe, cool, dry place for the pictures.

AN OFFER.... I will do my best to restore a treasured photograph in return
for a donation to JewishGen for the Rozniatow Yizkor Book Translation Fund.
I will return the original photo as you gave it to me and then I will give
you a CD with a file that you can have printed at your local photo shop or
on line. I can usually darken faded photos, remove marks and discoloration,
and in some cases - restore tears and wear-damage. Contact me privately to
make arrangements to get the photo to me.

Marlene Bishow
Potomac, MD USA
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