Locating a tomb in NY area #france


I am writing on behalf of a dear friend who does not speak English. His
sister, Liliane Picovschi (pronounced Picovski), was born in Paris on
May 21, 1937. Both he and his sister, together with their parents,
survived WWII in hiding. Liliane died in Mount Sinai Hospital in New
York on October 20, 1973. My friend, Alain, flew to New York to her
funeral that was arranged by Liliane's companion, Mr. B. Benzer. Alain
remembers that the undertaker's place was located in New York town and
that they drove about 20 to 25 km to the cemetery itself. Unfortunately
all the documents he had with the cemetery's name and location are lost.
He plans a trip to the NY area and wishes to visit his sister's grave
and we are trying to locate her grave, but do not know how to proceed
nor where to start.

I have tried locating Picovschi on JOWBER both in New York and New
Jersey and found no Liliane deceased in 1973. We have telephoned Mount
Sinai's Records Office and they cannot help us.

We are at loss as for how to locate her grave in time for Alain to visit
her grave during his upcoming trip to the US next month. Any help would
be much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Rivka Schirman nee Moscisker
Paris, France

Searching: MOSCISKER >from Brody, Budzynin, Buczacz, Okopy Szwietej
Trojce, Krakow, Lwow), WEISSMANN and REINSTEIN >from Okopy Szwietej
Trojce (Borszczow, Tarnopol)

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