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Those of you who have ordered but not received your copies of Krakow
marriage or bann records >from Jewish Historical Institute yet will be soon
nicely surprised. The amount of information is vast indeed. I have already
received my records, which I ordered early, and I am now overwhelmed with
the amount of information they contain.

Marriage records include the marriage date and place, given and last names
of bride and groom, place of birth, occupation/profession (or subject of
university studies in progress), street address, given and last name and
occupation/profession of father (indication if deceased), given and maiden
name of mother, age of bride and groom in years and months (with accuracy to
1/2 month) on the day of marriage, status (bachelor, widower, divorced
etc.), signature of rabbi or other entitled religious person, signatures of
witnesses and their occupations, list of presented documents such as birth
certificates, banns certificates with dates and location and often such
documents as certificate of groom's military status (certificate of
completion of service), court's permission, father's permission with
signature etc.

Banns records have just a bit less information but still include names of
parents and street address and some other information however they exclude
the age of the bride & groom.

I used to be frustrated by the brief format of most of Galitzian records
when compared to extensive Polish-Russian records written in narrative
format. Now, thanks to volunteers of JGS-NY and JRI-PL and personnel of ZIH
in Warsaw we can enjoy the same (if not greater) wealth of information in
relation to Krakow Marriage and Banns Registers, 1877 - 1939. Thanks to=

Peter Jassem

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