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Dear Galitzianers,

I have learned married names of two of my relatives for the first time.
These are FURST and KUNSTLER (in both names two dots over U).

If you have any information of Emil FURST b. 1903 in Jaroslaw, a lawyer in
Krakow, and his wife Laura (Lola) nee ROSTHAL b. 1906 in Krakow, graduate
in philosophy >from Jagiellonian University, who (both) had reportedly
survived and emigrated to Israel please let me know. I heard that Lola was
later widowed and remarried. Possible location in Israel was Tel Mond. I
am in search of descendants.

Also, let me know if you have information about Hirsch Dawid KUNSTLER b.
1911 in Krakow, a private clerk in Krakow, and his wife Marya Bianka
(Maryla) nee ROSTHAL b. 1911 in Krakow and their children. Apparently the
whole family was killed by Nazis.

Laura ROSTHAL and Marya Bianka ROSTHAL were sisterd and daughters of Kalman
(Karol) ROSTHAL and Gittel (Eugenia) nee STATTER, my great aunt.

I am also looking for information about their brother Edward ROSTHAL b. 1907
in Krakow married to Ella (Ilse) of unknown maiden name, who survived and
emigrated to Israel, likely lived in Tel-Aviv and was an editor of a Polish
language newspaper, Kurier-Nowiny, I think. I am looking for his
descendants. Information received >from the Bureau for Search for Missing
Relatives in Jerusalem led to descendants of other Edward Rosthal, not mine.

Any help or tips will be appreciated. The obvious like writing again to
the Bureau or Yad Vashem need not to be mentioned.

Thanks a lot,

Peter Jassem

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