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lilian schorr <lilianschorr@...>

Dear Genners:
First of all I want to thank you for all the support I received >from you.
I got an email >from Mr. Neil Perry I would like to share with you:

Dear Mrs.Schorr Landes

Please let me start by introducing myself to you
my name is Neil Perry,I am the president elect of the above cemetery
association. I have recently recieved your E-mail which you sent on Friday
November 16,2001. I have read it with much interest and agree with every
thing that you have said. I have as of only last week had the occassion to
walk through the cemetery >from the begining through to the end and also have
found it to be in very poor shape.We have been paying for maintenance for
many years but,I can see that there has been very little if any supervision
given to the contractors that were to supposedly done the work that they
were to do. The shape of the Cemetery will slowly but surely under my
Presidency be improved but you will have to remember that it took years for
it to get this way and unfortunately it shall take time and effort and money
to get it looking like you and I would want it too look. Please be patient
the new board of Directors and myself are going to be busy in the New Year
getting every thing going.Again thank you for your E-mail and my best
regards to you.


I have to say I am proud to have helpped some Jewish People in Toronto
to make the place they have chosen to be buried in, the respectable and
honourable place it should have always been: clean, taken care of and
looked after.
I had promissed this to my greataunt and cousin, when I visited the
Cemetery last July for the first time. I have fulfilled my promise.
Thanks to all of you,

Lilian Schorr Landes

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