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Alexander Sharon

Dave Lewak <dlewak@...> wrote:

I am looking for records for the town of Czchow,
once in Galicia, now in Poland.
Czchow (also known in Yiddish as Checiav), coordinates 4950 2041 is
located about 20 km SW >from Tarnow.

Czchow has currently just above 2,000 population and is physically
located on the local road #99 between Brzesko and Nowy Sacz.
Jewish pre=war (1921 census) population 136 souls >from the total general
population of 1,541 people of this small town in Brzesko powiat (district).

It appears that same records are located directly in Czchow archves,
and some in Tarnow.

Perphaps an easier way would be to contact Czchow directly by writing to:
Urzad Gminy, pl. Kazimierza Wielkiego 7, 32-860 Czchów.
Tel. (14) 684-30-80, 684-30-81; Fax. 684-30-80, 684-30-40 or even by
emailing to <Czchow@...>.

Town mayor is Mr. Roman Olchawa, tel. (14) 684-30-30

Czchow has been introduced to the JGFF database just two months ago.
While searching for the town records, following Jewish surnames have
been located through Poland interwar Business Directory:

SILBERSTEIN, Jozef - medical doctor
MAUR, S - pharmacist
BOCHNER, A - haberdasher
BUCHBAUM, Z - haberdasher
WERTHEIMER, T - haberdasher
SCHREIBER, S - live stock marketing
SIELBERSPITZ, L - live stock marketing
MOINBRUCK, P - tailor
SCHARFING, L and M - bakers
WEINSTOCK, P - baker
BOCHNER, S - general store
WIENSTOCK, A - general store
WINZELBERG, Chaim - general store
PLATZKIER, L and M - butcher
WEINSTOCK, M - butcher
BOCHNER, Salomon - leather
BOCHNER, Moses - coal (fuel)
KLUGER, Lejzer - tavern and liquor store


Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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