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I was at a dead end with my grandfather's family until I recieved my
gg-grandfather's 1920s Naturalization Papers, which listed his place of
birth as Zimigrood, Austria. I have since narrowed that down to Zmigrod
Nowy, Poland -- not only would the two names (Zimigrood and Zmigrod) match
up, but there are multiple FENIGs, PFENIGs and FENIKs >from the
Zmigrod-Dukla-Rzeszow area.

Frank FENNING was born in 1865 in Zmigrod, apparently. His wife, TamaLeah,
or Lena RASSLER (or ROSSLER) was born in 1866, presumably in Zmigrod or the
vicinity, but I'm not sure there. They (or at least Frank) arrived in New
York between 1881-1884, depending on the source, and they had 5 children:

Sophie b. 1884 in NYC
Anna, b. 1885 in NYC, m. David SCHILLER of NY and in the 1920 census, has 2
children: Blanche F. (bc1913) and Leroy E. (bc1916)
William B., b. c1887 in NYC, m. Loretta STIRLE, son Morton (1911-1987) m.
Gertrude L.
Herman A., b 1888 in NYC, m. Ernestine LINDEMAN, daughters Betty and Doris.
Ruth, b 1889 in NYC, m. ? BERKLEY
A(lter) Harry, b. 1892, Newark NJ; m. Charlotte HURDUS, children William and
Selma. d. 1955, Los Angeles

The whole family -- literally almost every single one of them -- was in the
fur business in some capacity. Most everyone worked for A. Hollander and
Sons in Newark at some point. Harry FENNING, my g-grandfather was a member
of an American Legion "Fur Post" with a bunch of other furriers.

I know that Frank FENNING also had brothers, as my grandfather says he
remembers that his grandfather Frank used to get letters >from his brothers
where the last name was spelled PFENNING. Additionally, the 1900 Census for
New Jersey gives the family name as FENIG, while on Annie FENNING's 1885
birth certificate, it's spelled FENNING. So the spelling is, apparently,
not very concrete.

My next step (after finding out where Frank and Tamaleah died and are buried
in the US) is to find the two of them in Europe. I just wanted to put this
information out there to see if anyone sees anything familiar or has any
exceptionally brilliant ideas...

Rebecca Fenning
Los Angeles, CA

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