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Alexander Sharon

From: "shana green"

Does any one know where the cemetery was is Cieszanow.
Also does any one know if the aerial photos taken of Polish towns by the
Russians and now in the USA is of good quality.
kind regards
{looking for szusters,druckers/goldbergs all coming >from cieszanow}


Your question is not clear. Are you looking for the street address of the
Cieszanow's Jewish cemetery?

According to

Cieszanow Jewish cemetery was located on the street that was formerly named
XXX-Lecia LWP.
This was the name of the street in 1973. What was the street name before
1973 or before WWII or currently, I don't know.
Please refer to the above site address to read more about the Cieszanow

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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