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Alexander Sharon

From: "shana green" <>

Does any one know if there is a Jewish centre in Szczecin ,the address,
phone number.
Do they have a Jewish newspaper as there was a death notice of my uncle
back in 1991,this has been told to me only yesterday. What is the name of
the paper?
kind regards

During 1968/9 over 30 thousands Polish Jews have bee forced to leave Poland.
Currently there are only 3000 Jews in Poland that are the registered members
of Poland Jewish Community known as TSKZ.

Szzcecin is listed amongst the other 13 Polish towns that have branches of
TSKZ: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lodz, Katowice, Bielsko Biala, Gliwice, Zary,
Walbrzych, Czestochowa, Lublin, Cracow, Legnica. Warsaw based "Dos Yiddishe
Wort" newspaper has been in existence >from 1992 replacing previous
"Folkstshtime" published fro 1946. There is no local Jewish newspaper in

Refer to TSKZ site for more information on:

Alexander Sharon

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