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Joan Krotenberg

In reply to Carol's negative DNA tests, I had the opposite experience. The
Krotenbergs originated in Warsaw, Poland. We have discovered Krotenbergs in
Poland, Spain, Israel, Australia, France and the United States. We knew some
of the connections >from records. We choose three male Krotenbergs including
my husband, who if their DNA matched would connect all the known Krotenberg
families. All three were a perfect match on all 12 markers. This indicates
that they had a common ancestor. Oral tradition did speak of a common
ancestor. But we do not know how far back he lived or who he was. We now
call all the Krotenberg descendants cousins.
Joan Krotenberg

Searching KROTENBERG, KAFKA, COFSKY, >from Warsaw, Poland
HAGLER, FEIN, FELLER, >from Lutowiska, Poland
STREICHLER, BRODBAR, HIRSCHENFANG, >from Rohaytn and Knyazhnychi, Ukraine
MERER, CHESAK, >from Slonim and David Gorodok, Belarus

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