Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Viewmate and photos from Galicia #galicia

Tony Hausner

Where can one see the photographs mentioned in these emails?

Tony Hausner
Silver Spring, MD
Searching Hausner in Skala Podolskaya

MODERATOR NOTE: Go to the ViewMate web site on JewishGen where you may view and post photos.

1. Re: Viewmate and photos >from Galicia
Eva Floersheim wrote:

1. Are all the photos posted since the beginning of
Viewmate stored and retrievable?
2. Could somebody select images >from Galicia >from this collection?
3. Could these images have a permanent place - either as a part of
Viewmate, searchable by place, name or subject, or by each SIG?
4. Could the submitters of the photos chosen, be contacted for maximum
information about each photo and then have their name and e-mail added
when the photos are permanently exhibited on JewishGen?

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