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Joyce Eastman <wldwoman1@...>

Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my request for the location of
vital records >from Brody, Ukraine (Poland) for the years 1878-1900's. There
really does not appear to be much hope - other than a couple of
possibilities which appear on the Brody Shtetlinks website, under Brody
Research (as suggested by Marjorie Rosenfeld). I am hopeful that either
some of the records I am seeking are among the "church" records already
photographed by the Mormons >from this time period, or else they are possibly
located at the civil archives in Warsaw. It appears that this is my only
hope to ever find later records of my father's family >from this area, which
may also assist me in finding living relatives >from this side of the family.

I have used Alex Dunai as a researcher in L'viv and even corresponded with
Miriam Weiner about the existence of these records, and neither one has been
able to tell me where to find this information. As I do not believe in
giving up, I will pursue the suggestions noted above and will let everyone
know in the event of my success.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

Ukraine (Poland)

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