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Shelley K. Pollero

I just looked at the 1923 Polish Directory now on-line on the Library of
Congress website

It is a wonderful addition to our on-line research. However, it is not (yet)
searchable, so you may need some help in getting started. Hopefully, someone
will come forward to take on this project as JRI-Poland and Howard Fink are
doing with the 1929 Polish Directory. Until then . . .

To navigate through the directory, you will see, for example:
Image 118 of 967 (see the page you are now on)
Turn to image _____ (a box where you can type in a page number and go
directly to the image)
PREV IMAGE | NEXT IMAGE (click to move back or forward)

Once on an image, you can enlarge the image by clicking on the image. To go
back, select your usual BACK icon.

The image numbers do not correlate with the page numbers of the directory

As indicated below, there is a substantial introductory section to the
directory. Fortunately for us, the introductory material is presented in its
entirety in several languages. Always interested in foreign languages, I
looked to see what was there. I was not sure of a couple of the languages,
so perhaps some of you might report back to us. There appear to be two
separate complete sections in Cyrillic; one is most likely Russian; the
other I don't know (- Ukrainian?). Another language I don't know might be

A map of Poland is located at IMAGE 37.

Here are the languages and the IMAGE numbers of the Table of Contents in
each language: The first number is the Table of Contents; the last number is
the last page of that language's introductory material.

Polish 38-65
French 66-83
German 84-117
English 118-134
Other (possibly Czech?) 135-155
Russian 156-175
Other Cyrillic 176-191

The index of Branches and Goods begins on IMAGE 198 and is in alphabetical
order by the Polish word(s) for the branches of industry or goods offered,
followed by the word(s) in each of the languages above, for example the
listing for pharmacies or drug stores:
Lekarny (with accent marks)
Apteki (in Cyrillic)
Apteki (in Cyrillic)

After the listing of the type of business or service, in alphabetical order
in bold print are listed the towns in Poland where businesses have listed
their information. Within each town listing is the name of the business
and/or person and sometimes what appears to be a street address.

In Krakow: "Pod Zlotym Lwem", E. Schneider, Dluga 4 (4 Dluga St.?)

Of interest to Galicia researchers, the name Malopolska refers to some towns
that were formerly in Galicia. In 1923, Galicia no longer existed as a
political entity as it belonged to Poland following WWI until after WWII.
Former East Galician towns now in Ukraine were also in Poland in 1923.
Malopolska does not appear with every former Galician town. Maybe someone
can figure out why.

In the following example, Leon Hamerman was a pharmacist in the town of
Halicz (formerly in Galicia): Halicz (Malopolska), Leon Hamerman

Next to some town names in parenthesis appears (Woj. Pozn.) or (Powiat).
This is the province or district in which this particular town is located,
as the towns with the same name are sometimes located in several different

Thanks, Ronald, for this wonderful web site!

Happy hunting!!

Shelley K. Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

1. "Handlowa ksiega adresowa Polski i Gdanska," a 1923 commercial
directory for the entire country, including Gdansk (Danzig), totaling
about 700 pages.

** Table of Contents:
Front matter (including advertisements and a map of Polish railroads)
Part I.
-- Timeline of Polish history
-- Administrative districts of the Republic of Poland
-- Constitution of the Republic of Poland
-- Officials of the Republic of Poland
-- Polish diplomatic missions abroad
-- Polish consulates abroad
-- Foreign diplomatic representatives in Poland
-- Foreign consulates in Poland
-- Statistical data on the Polish economic situation
-- Historical sketch of Gdansk (Danzig)
-- Treaty of Versaille provisisions concerning the Free City of Gdansk
-- Officials of the Free City of Gdansk (Danzig) and the Supreme
Commissioner of the League of Nations in Gdansk (Danzig)
-- Port of Gdansk (Danzig)
-- Economic organizations in Poland and Gdansk (Danzig)
-- Polish Information Bureau for foreign commerce in Gdansk (Danzig)
-- Index of branches of industry and products listed in Part II.
-- Alphabetic index of branches of industry listed in Part III.

** Part II.
Enterprises [grouped by economic sector, enterprises are arranged
alphabetically, and street addresses are included; this is the heart of
the directory]

** Part III.

** Part IV.
Index of advertisers

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