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<< I have heard of these families >from Galicia, i don't think theyre >from
rudnik, but other places in galicia. There are a lot of chassidic rabbis in
the family if we're talking about the same one. There is a book I once read
about the Halberstam family in Bobov, Galicia in a book caleed Where The
Moon By Night, by Devora Gliksman, it is about their experiences during
World War II and it has that particular families family tree in it. I am
pretty sure there is a Teitelbaum connection in there also. I know there are
Halberstams in New York >>

Yes, the noted American novelist David Halberstam is one such family member.
They're a rabbinic family, with a number of noted rabbis as members,
including the former chief rabbi of Krakow, I think, Rabbi Chaim Halberstam,
which is near Bobova (and vice versa, of course). Some Halberstams live in
the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, NY. In fact--- I just went to, entered only the surname, only specified the state, NY,
and found over 100 HALBERSTAMs !!

Milt Goldsamt
Silver Spring, MD

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