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Mark Jacobson

It was not at all unusual for someone to not know
their exact date of birth. There was no TV or radio
or even newspapers in most towns to remind people of
the date of an event. There were no western calendars.
People did not celebrate birthdays. They did not
generally have to fill out forms with their date of
birth. Many were illiterate. Events were often
remembered as to how they related to holidays and the
Jewish calendar.

My grandfather, born in Drohobycz in Galicia, only
knew his birthday was in 1898 on one of the days of
Chanukah. He used to celebrate it on December 15th,
a day he randomly picked. Only when I examined his
copy of his birth record did I realize he was born
December 2nd. I told him (he was in his 80's at the
time), and he was very surprised. He thought it might
actually have been the 9th which was the date of his

My g-grandmother's US naturalization petition in
1927 lists birthdays for all her children. All are
listed wrong. Many even have the wrong year.

My grandmother born in Stryj Galicia always used
different years of birth. Her day of birth she never
knew. She used her mother's date of birth just to
have a birthdate to list, and I do not know if that is
even her mother's correct day.

It seems that birthdays were quite irrelevant to our
Galician ancestors.

Mark Jacobson
Boca Raton, FL

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