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Family legend had it that my grandfather, avoiding the 1904 draft,
immediately changed his name upon arriving in the US the to ship's
captain. He was afraid the czar's army would find him even across the
ocean! Well, >from all I can tell, he gave up his old name when he left
his home. Although I have the manifest of the ship he supposedly
arrived on (as given on his petition for naturalization), he isn't on
it. And as best as I can make it out, neither the captain nor purser was
named Schein.

He didn't give the ship's name, but the port he left >from and the date
he arrived in NY. As it was less common port (Trieste), I was able to
check manifests for all of the ships >from around that date and even in
different years. I looked at the information given for every Hebrew male
(and beyond) and not one of them came close to matching my grandfather's
description. So I conclude that he was traveling under an assumed identity.

I too wonder if the "forged" documents had to somehow fit the person.
Could a single man's papers show him as married? Could he be >from a
totally different region (gubernia)? That sort of thing. Does anyone
have any answers on this?

Jessica Schein

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