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Alexander Sharon

From: "Itzhak Schulder" wrote:

"...They are cousins and we also found that
they produced a Beer in Krakow called: Piwo
Obstalunkowe, which appears to be part of

Few remarks to your inquiry:

1. Hr. = Hrabia in polish, european nobleman - Count.
2. Hr. Renard seems to be a serious investor.
3. "Gwarectwo (old german - Gewerkschaft) Hr. Renard", perhaps a trade union of coal miners
can be the investor as well.(>from the polish internet...)

As to the brewery, please mail me the label,
I'll translate it and ask as well at the polish site
Hi guys,

I've just replied to the similar query:

You may see what "Hrabia Renard" beer label looks like at:

Mining organization Hrabia (Count) Renard was known as the power supply
company in Sosnowiec' (Zaglembie) suburb Sielce. Nowadays is known as The
Power Station "Bedzin".

Piwo obstalunkowe means "specially ordered beer". Obstalunek (an archaic
form) is most probably originated >from German Bestellung.

Alexander Sharon

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