LEDERER, FISCHL, KOHN, Teresov, Chodov, Chicago, IL #austria-czech

Rebecca Fenning <macguffin317@...>

Dear group,

I posted a couple weeks ago about my KOHN and LEDERER family, but have made
some headway, so am reposting in the hopes that some of this new information
will sound familiar to somebody.

My gggg-grandparents, Aaron KOHN (1826-1906) and Josephine LEDERER
(1826-1900) immigrated to Chicago, Illinois >from Bohemia in 1878 with one of
their sons, Isidor (1859-1925), joining two of their children, Harry
(1851-1919) and Rose (1854-1905), who were already settled there.

I believe that they were related to another family of KOHNs, who originated
in Teresov, Bohemia and settled in Chicago in the 1880s. Herman KOHN (b.
1834) first married a Lederer girl with whom he had 2 sons, Joseph
(1868-1946; m. Rose BERLIN) and David KOHN (1869-1925, m. Theresa SEESLAND),
who arrived in the States in 1884, worked and boarded with my
above-mentioned KOHNs in the 1890s. When this first LEDERER wife died,
Herman married her sister, Julia (1849-1912), with whom he had 8 more
children: Fred H. (1877-1950, m. Elizabeth PICK), Regina (1878-?, m. Max
SIMON), Malvina (1880-1943, m. Samuel LEVY), Louise (1884-1937, Henry
FLEISHMAN), Maurice (1886-1949, m.Tillie), Adolph (1887-1949, m. Ruth
MIELKE), Frances (1890-1906) and Otto
(1891-?). Julia and the 8 younger children came to the US in 1898, settling
in Chicago.

A third LEDERER sister married a FISCHL and had a son, Fred FISHEL (or
Siegfried) who was born in Chodov, Bohemia in 1885. He immigrated to
Chicago in 1903, and married Millie HORN. They later moved to Los Angeles,
where Fred died in 1945.

I think it is possible that Herman KOHN and Aaron KOHN were brothers - also
that Josephine LEDERER was somehow related to Julia LEDERER and her 2

Thanks in advance for any and all help,

Rebecca Fenning
Allston, Mass.

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