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Deborah Schultz

Hello! This is the first time I have posted to this group, and I am very
excited about it!

I have posted some items on Viewmate. These are text >from the backs of
photographs and photo postcards, in WWI-era German. If you are able to
help me by translating them into English, please reply to me directly at: .

The items are: Viewmate 2667, 2669, and 2670, at URL .

These photographs/postcards were given to my grandmother by her uncle's
widow. My grandmother's uncle was Szaja (Sam in the U.S.; born about 1902)
ECKSTEIN, >from Kalusz, Galicia, Austria (now Kalush, Ukraine). His parents
were Kune (Elkonoh) EKSTEIN and Brukha MALLINGER (born about 1860), who
owned a "department store." They were fairly well off. Szaja/Sam had 4
older siblings: Jacob (born in 1885), Sale (Sarah in the U.S.), and Dora,
as well as another older brother whose name we do not know.

As WWI approached, Jacob was given some money and sent "to town" to buy
some things for the store. Instead, he and a cousin and maybe someone else
ran off to America, where Jacob lived in Newark, New Jersey. Kune went to
America to convince Jacob to return home, and somehow was stranded here by
the war. Kune spent the war in Pittsburh, Pennsylvania, with his wife's
MALLINGER relatives (who owned a store).

The 2 others sons at home, Szaja/Sam and the unknown name, were both
conscripted into the Austrian army. The unknown name brother was supposed
to have become an officer in the Austrian military. This left the mother
and her daughters to fend for themselves, and they almost starved to

After the war, Jacob and Kune remained in the U.S., and Szaja/Sam joined
Kune in Pittsburgh in January 1921 (sailing >from Danzig), and the mother
and girls, later in 1921 (sailing separately, >from England). The miliary
officer brother remained behind, which is why we do not know his name or
anything else about him. I imagine he was proud to be a military officer,
and perhaps he also had a wife and children.

The photographs with the text on the back which is posted on Viewmate, are
of Szaja, and seem to be >from when he was a young man, perhaps just after
WWI. If you recognize any of this information (names, story details),
please also contact me directly. It would be nice to find out the name of
the brother whose name is still unknown, some day.

Thank you!


Deborah Schultz
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Reply to:

Kalusz, Galicia (now Kalush, Ukraine): EKSTEIN, MALLINGER
Dolina, Galicia (now Dolina, Ukraine): FRIEDMAN, SPIEGEL

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