Barbara Ras Wechsler

Dear French SIG members

Is anybody researching the Boskowitz family? I am looking for some
information on my grandfather's cousin. Unfortunately I don't have much
to go on.

Name: Karl Boskowitz (or Borkowitz)
Profession: maybe Doctor (or Journalist?)
Mother: Emma Maria Wilhelmina Boskowitz ne Engelhardt, born 25. Aug.
1870 in Trieste, Italy then Austria-Hungary, daughter of Carl
Englelhardt (b. Gorizia, Italy) and Anna Baucer (b.
Father : Unknown Boskowitz

I found the information on a scrap of paper found in the documents my
uncle, brother to my father left behind. Further names on the paper:

F.M. Viollet (Sandro) - apparently my uncle wrote to her (?) regularly,
family lore claims this was a cousin
Adresse: 50 Rue de Saint Peres, ? 70, Paris

There is also a further name, Peter, mentioned on the paper scrap. I
don't know if it has anything to do with the Boskowitz family.

If anybody has only the slightest information regarding a family of this
name, living in Paris between abt. 1880 and 1940, or even thereafter, I
would be extremely grateful. It may help me to piece together the family
bit by bit.

Kind regards

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