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One of my books was printed in Frankfurt am Main in 1920 with the stamp of

Ksiegarnia "DEAH"
L. Fortgang
KRAKOW, Krakowska 33

Ksiegarnia is bookstore in Polish.
I assume "Deah" is the Hebrew word for knowledge.
But who was L. Fortgang?
Any information about this person and his/her bookstore is most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah


Hi there Eva, and SIG Galicia,

My kin are Fortgangs, >from Krakow and other places in Galicia. I have an 8
generation Fortgang family tree with more than 1,300 persons' kinships
shown. How much do you want to know about them?

In 1939, there were about 65,000 Jews in Krakow, 25% of the population. Jews
having lived there since the 2nd half of the 13th century. In 1990, there
were about 300.

About "L. Fortgang", the bookstore keeper, my FT index shows Larry, Leah,
Leah, Leib, Leon, Lieb Wolf, Lifsha, Lillian Lea, Lottie, Louis, and Luba.
On these people, my data have very little about their occupations and the
locations and the dates of their movements. Since about 98% of my kin were
murdered by the Nazis, I have very, very few kin to ask for more details.
What I have, was gathered over the past 10 years >from the few that survived.
I came to then Palestine in Dec. 1934 and have been here since.

Best Wishes for a Very Good New Year

Sarah Blima Fortgang Halpern
Holon, Israel

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