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Mark Halpern <willie46@...>

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is very pleased to announce that
agreement has been reached with the Polish State Archives (PSA)
to extend the new online order processing system - the "Shopping
Basket System" - to thirteen additional Archives and their
branches effective on November 4, 2003.

Since late last year, the JRI-Poland Order Processing Center has
worked with the State Archives in Bialystok and its Lomza branch
testing a Shopping Basket system for ordering copies of vital
records indexed by JRI-Poland/PSA Projects. This pilot project
has been very successful and the system will now be expanded to
the following Archives and their branches.

AGAD - Central Archive of Historical Records
Lomza Branch
Grodzisk Mazowiecki Branch
Gora Kalwaria Branch
Lowicz Branch
Mlawa Branch
Pultusk Branch

We expect that the remaining Archives and branches, not part of
the Shopping Basket system as of November 4, 2003, will be added
in early 2004. This includes Kielce and its Pinczow, Sandomierz
and Starachowice branches, Piotrkow Trybunalski and its Tomaszow
Mazowiecki branch, Plock and its Leczycz branch, Radom, and Torun
and its Wloclawek branch.

The system allows researchers to create a "Shopping Basket" for
copies of records to order by clicking on index entries in the
results webpage of a JRI-Poland database search. Orders can be
saved and subsequently amended, modified, or deleted. When a
researcher is ready to order, payment can be made by credit card
(Visa or MasterCard) or US Dollar check or money order. There is
absolutely no danger that an order can be mistakenly placed while
online. At this time, researchers must mail in their order and
payment for the order to become official.

A Step-by-Step Tutorial of the system can be found at

Each record ordered will cost the researcher $10. However, there
is a minimum charge per branch of $15. (Therefore, if you order
one record >from Lodz and one >from Pultusk, the total charge will
be $30.) JRI-Poland will receive researcher payments and arrange
for periodic bank transfers in Polish currency to each Polish
Archive branch.

Here are a few of the major features of the Shopping Basket

* Records of interest are selected online, creating an order. You
simply point and click on the desired record index and it is
added to your shopping basket. This only applies to records
indexed as part of a PSA project. Records indexed >from LDS
microfilms will not be clickable and cannot be ordered using this

* Your shopping basket can include orders >from more than one PSA
Archive or branch. Separate orders are automatically created for
each branch.

* Researchers print and snail mail orders and payment to the
JRI-Poland PSA Order Processing Center in Merion Station,
Pennsylvania, USA. A printable form for credit card payment can
be accessed by clicking a link on the Order Form.

* The Order Processing Center electronically transmits the
order(s) to the Archive(s). Within 30 days each Archive will send
copies by registered or priority airmail directly to the

If you previously ordered records >from the AGAD Archives through
the JRI-Poland AGAD Order Center, you will now be using the
Shopping Basket System. All AGAD orders sent to the AGAD Order
Center and postmarked November 3, 2003 or before will be
processed by the AGAD Order Center. Orders postmarked November 4,
2003 or later will be returned to the researcher for submission
to the JRI-Poland PSA Order Processing Center using the Shopping
Basket system.

The current "Request for Quotation" system will be eliminated as
of November 4, 2003. Actually, we suggest that researchers cease
use of the Request for Quotation system immediately. The
objective of JRI-Poland and PSA is to have only one ordering
system that works efficiently for researchers. However, some of
the Archives and branches are not ready to join the shopping
basket system on November 4, 2003. These Archives and branches
will be added to the shopping basket system as soon as practical.
Please be patient and hold your orders for these Archives and
branches until you see the announcement in this forum pertaining
to that branch.

We at JRI-Poland are excited to introduce this user-friendly
system and we thank the management of the Polish State Archives
and their branches for their cooperation and their enthusiastic
role in the development of this system.

Our appreciation is also extended to our many volunteers who have
helped make the JRI-Poland / PSA project a success and to all the
researchers whose generosity has made possible the remarkable
growth of our database.

All of us at JRI-Poland wish you continued success in your
research. We hope the use of the Shopping Basket system will lead
to many exciting discoveries in the future.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Mark Halpern
Director, PSA Order Processing Center

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