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Alexander Sharon

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I will very much appreciate any help to identify the present day name of
the town/shtetl referred to as "Banik (in) Galitzien" on the Hebrew
tombstone inscription posted on viewmate. To see it please click on the
link below
I was not able to find Banik or Bonik or Bunik (the Hebrew/Yiddish
letters are "beit"-"alef"-"nun"-"yod"-"kof") or any reasonable
equivalent using the ShtetlSeeker, so I assumed it was the "Yiddish"
name of the shtetl and I posted the inscription on Viewmate and this
query on Galicia-SIG and Ukraine-SIG, to see if someone can help me with
the present day Polish/Ukrainian name of the town >from previous
knowledge or any written sources other than ShtetlSeeker.
Rony Shaham

It is very difficult to read sign on the maceva, but am not convinced that
last letter is "kof'. What seems to be part of 'kof' appears to me as the
scratch on the stone.
Could it be Bania, not Banik?
What is the name written on the stone?

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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